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Why I Applied for the FutureFounder Fellowship Program: A Fellow's Initial Experience

Updated: Jun 11

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The following is a testimonial from a January 2022 FutureFounder Innovator Magali Marranti on her experience applying to the FutureFounder StartupReadiness training.

FutureFounder Innovators create a Digital Portfolio in efforts to secure a work experience at a startup. To see more of Magali's work or learn more about her experience working at a startup, check out her Digital Portfolio.

-FutureFounder Team

Why I Applied for the FutureFounder Fellowship Program: A Fellow's Initial Experience


My name is Magali, but everyone calls me Maggie. I am 33 years old and was born and raised in Argentina's capital city, Buenos Aires, in South America. Most of my family is Argentinian, but my maternal grandparents were immigrants from Germany and Romania. Additionally, my paternal great-grandparents were Italian.

Unfortunately for me, I grew up as an only child, the youngest of the family on both sides. Even though I was alone as a kid, I am not a lonely person; I have always enjoyed sharing my time with others and being around people.

My personality is enthusiastic and outgoing, and I pride myself on having an immense sense of humor. I understand my sense of humor has saved me many times and has helped me face some tricky situations in a better way.

Moreover, I am a compassionate and considerate person. If I had to choose one of my most characteristic traits, I would say I am a dreamer. I am constantly dreaming, planning, and thinking of new goals.

Besides, I am an avid learner. I am constantly interested in learning and exploring new concepts.

A bad quality I have is that I am sometimes a bit of a perfectionist, which can interfere with time management. In addition, sometimes I find it hard to put a halt to work and take time off to enjoy myself. These are aspects I am always working towards improving.

My hobbies include: walking or spending time outdoors, cooking, reading books, and watching series. I am currently reading two inspirational books, "Big Magic" by Elizabeth Gilbert and "Everyday Hero Manifesto" by Robin Sharma.

I am a versatile worker in my professional career: I do different jobs, but I work as an executive assistant. As a result, I have experience communicating with large companies and individual clients along this journey.

My educational and work aspirations consist of acquiring experience in different fields while continuing to educate myself on digital marketing and social media to achieve my career goals.

My dad has been an innovator all his life. He didn't have many resources growing up, and he studied many different things to get good jobs. As a result, he knows a lot about various topics. What he doesn't know, he finds it out. I usually jokingly refer to him as "McGiver." He has worked a lot all his life, and I really look up to him because he didn't let his lack of opportunities stop him from being the best he could be.

Why do I tell you about my father? He and my mom were the ones who instilled the love of learning and hard work in me. My parents have helped me in every possible way and made lots of sacrifices so that I could study and focus on growing in my career.

Contrary to my father, I was very blessed to have access to quality education from an early age. As a result, I was inspired to be a curious child, and I became an eager learner very soon. That way, I grew into an inquisitive young adult.

At age six, I fantasized about being a paleontologist or an astronomer, but those ideas didn't prosper. It wasn't until a few years later that I realized languages were my passion, and I felt the urge to study something related to them.

My love for languages originated when I was still a kid. I was fascinated by how my mother could speak German fluently with my grandparents. Actually, she started speaking German before speaking Spanish. I was amazed at her, not the way every kid is in awe of their parents when they are kids, but instead I marveled at how she spoke so effortlessly in such a complex language. I asked every word she said in German and its meaning for a long time, trying to imitate her. I suddenly became really interested in anyone who could speak another tongue. Later on, I became particularly interested in English, so my mom decided to take me to a private English teacher. The teacher, Ms. Pat, was my mentor for years. Even though I studied intensely, I thought it was insufficient, so I started asking her what I could do to develop fluency faster and acquire more vocabulary. She recommended that I watch series and movies without subtitles. I started following her advice, so I made long vocabulary lists and listened to songs in English. It was then and there that I started collecting dictionaries and books. When I started going to university, my passion became even more prominent.

I applied to FutureFounder around a month ago after reading a job post that called my attention on LinkedIn. I researched and found some fantastic reviews by FutureFounder's fellows, past and present. I became really enthusiastic about getting involved with the project as it would be an excellent opportunity to learn many valuable new skills. Also, I wish to live the experience of working with people worldwide, collaborating and learning from them.

Furthermore, I want to learn firsthand how it feels to work at a Startup and grow along with some talented entrepreneurs.

Innovation can help solve many problems the world is facing right now. What attracts me the most about Innovation is evolving, progressing, and going further, some rules I live by. I honestly think that by being innovative we can undoubtedly change the world we live in. By staying up to date with the latest changes, I firmly believe we can provide solutions right away to emerging problems in our communities.

I am firmly committed to participating in the January 2022 FutureFounder Fellowship program. I will be honored to collaborate with any startup that may give me the incredible opportunity to work with them.


FutureFounder is a social impact venture missioned to ensure that anyone, anywhere can become an innovator.

If you are interested in being part of the FutureFounder network, like Magali is, check these links:

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