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Global meeting of FutureFounder members
Picture of FutureFounder Team

FutureFounder is a global company committed to train and educate people all around the world in what they need to thrive in the remote workplace.

At FutureFounder we believe that anyone, anywhere can become an innovator. Our company was founded in 2019 as part of our founder's Harvard Graduate Thesis.

Our team at FutureFounder is made up of international educators, entrepreneurs, and management consultants who have joined forces to share their expertise in what it takes to succeed in the 21st-century workplace.

FutureFounder team
FutureFounder members in Portugal

FutureFounder is proud to offer our Entrepreneurial Mindset Bootcamp, which utilizes the latest learning strategies from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

During the 8-week, fully online training program, innovators will gain confidence in the skills and tools necessary for success in any organization, and develop their innovative thinking abilities.

At FutureFounder, our objective is to help you build confidence in applying your entrepreneurial mindset within the Bootcamp, and then to bring these tools and approaches back to your organization.

By doing so, you will be able to advance in your career and support a culture of innovation within your organization. 

FutureFounder Team

Mary Nagel



Rodolpho Camargo


Chief Learning Specialist

Nicolas Rodriguez

Nicolas Rodriguez

Digital Experience and Operations Strategist

Tamara Saitcevsky

Tamara Saitcevsky

Deputy Chief of Staff

Manuela  Simich

Manuela  Simich

Digital Operations

Emiliano Fernandez

Emiliano Fernandez

Digital Marketing Specialist

FutureFounder Values

We are not alone

FutureFounder delivers transformative entrepreneurial mindset training to VC-backed firms and emerging startups, propelling them towards success and visionary growth.

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