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The Problem That Keeps All Startup Founders up at Night: Finding the Right Talent!

The problem that keeps all startup founders up at night – finding the right talent!

Throughout the history of entrepreneurship, founders have had amazing ideas that created new markets and changed the way people live their daily lives – from Martin Cooper, who brought us the first cell phone and changed the way we communicate today, to Steve Jobs revolutionizing how we interact with one another in our daily lives through smartphones. However, beyond just stories about successful ideas, there is a key factor when we learn about entrepreneurship which is a challenge we don't talk about enough: the need for an innovative team to turn these ideas into reality.

Imagine what Jeff Bezos would have if he didn’t have one of the best professionals of his time in his early years at Amazon. Would we see him go to space?

Good founders know they need to build a team of innovators but it can be extremely challenging – especially for early-stage ventures – to know where and how to hire talent who fits within a startup culture and who can also learn and grow with the speed of the organization.

FutureFounder was born to improve the sleep of all founders as they build their team with FutureFounder innovators!


FutureFounder is a social impact venture missioned to ensure that anyone, anywhere can become an innovator.

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