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FutureFounder's SHE-O Bootcamp Launches, Attracting Global Talent

[USA, September 15] - The much-anticipated SHE-O Bootcamp by FutureFounder is set to commence, bringing together a cohort of ambitious women from across the globe. As Manuela aptly remarked, "This 8-week program played a key role in transforming my perspective and approaches." Rodolpho further emphasizes, "At FutureFounder, we bridge ideas to execution."

Designed to empower women in the entrepreneurial sphere, the Bootcamp has garnered registrations from over 14 diverse countries, emphasizing its wide appeal. Of the registered participants, a significant 30.30% are established business owners, highlighting the Bootcamp's resonance with both budding and established entrepreneurs. While the majority of the participants hail from Argentina, the Bootcamp's international reach is evident, with new entries from countries such as India, Spain, Sweden, Bulgaria, Pakistan, Botswana, Tanzania, Jordan, Brazil, and Italy.

A distinctive feature of this cohort is its vast professional experience. An impressive 27% of the participants come with over 15 years in the workplace, signaling the Bootcamp's relevance across various career stages.

To learn more about SHE-O Bootcamp or to join the next cohort, visit:

For media inquiries, contact:

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