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FutureFounder Celebrates Supernova - Argentina Competion and New E-Learning Platform Launch

[Buenos Aires, June 9, 2023] - FutureFounder, a global social impact venture, proudly announces the completion of the Supernova - Argentina cohort, an intensive Entrepreneurial Mindset bootcamp. This milestone coincides with the launch of FutureFounder's new e-learning platform, providing innovative educational opportunities to aspiring innovators worldwide.

The Supernova - Argentina cohort empowered participants to develop their entrepreneurial mindset and unlock their full potential. Through a rigorous curriculum, immersive experiences, and mentorship, participants gained the skills, knowledge, and confidence to drive innovation and make a positive impact.

"We are proud of the Supernova - Argentina cohort's successful completion," said Mary Nagel, CEO and Founder of FutureFounder. "Our team - shoutout to the #Bootcamp team - ensured quality assurance for our students. The launch of our e-learning platform reflects our commitment to providing accessible and engaging education to aspiring innovators globally."

Rodolpho Camargo, Facilitator and Chief Learning Officer at FutureFounder, highlighted the transformative power of synchronous sessions within Supernova, stating, "Participating in the synchronic sessions of Supernova truly elevates the learning experience. The live interactions and dynamic discussions among participants foster collaboration, inspiration, and invaluable connections."

Emiliano, a student of the Supernova - Argentina cohort, expressed his gratitude for the bootcamp, stating:

This short course allowed me to significantly enhance my soft skills and efficiency within just 90 days, surpassing my previous experiences with longer courses from platforms like Coderhouse, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Udemy. I now feel confident, resourceful, collaborative, prepared, and driven towards continuous improvement.

With the Supernova - Argentina cohort's completion, FutureFounder is excited to extend its transformative educational offerings through the new e-learning platform. This platform combines cutting-edge technology with expert-led content, offering aspiring innovators a dynamic and accessible learning experience.

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About FutureFounder: FutureFounder is a global social impact venture that empowers individuals to thrive in the future economy. Through transformative educational programs, FutureFounder equips aspiring innovators and entrepreneurs with the necessary skills, mindset, and connections.

Contact Information: Media Relations @ FutureFounder

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