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FutureFounder Announces She-EO Supernova Bootcamp to Empower Women in the 21st-Century Workforce

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

[Global, June 13, 2023] - FutureFounder, a global social impact venture, is thrilled to announce the upcoming She-EO Supernova Bootcamp, scheduled to take place in September 2023. This exclusive bootcamp is designed to provide a transformative and empowering experience for women, as they prepare to enter the 21st-century workforce or elevate their professional careers.

Recognizing the need for gender diversity and inclusion in entrepreneurship and innovation, FutureFounder is launching the She-EO Supernova Bootcamp. This dedicated bootcamp offers a safe space for women to build confidence, envision themselves as leaders, and create a network of global professionals across diverse industries.

"We have recruited thousands of students from more than 20+ countries, and we have observed that it currently takes five times more effort to recruit women to join our programs," said Mary Nagel, CEO and Founder of FutureFounder. "However, once they get in the door, they are outperforming their male colleagues at a ratio of 2:1. In order to do our part in building a more inclusive innovation ecosystem, we are proud to introduce the She-EO Supernova Bootcamp. This empowering experience will provide women with the tools and support they need to thrive in the 21st-century workforce."

Manuela, a team member at FutureFounder, expressed the significance of working for an organization committed to building spaces for women's visibility and success, saying,

I am incredibly proud to be part of an organization that is committed to creating opportunities for women. As a Latin American woman, I know firsthand that this is not common. At FutureFounder, we not only strive for gender equity, but we also provide women with the tools, encouragement, and support they need to flourish as entrepreneurs. It is truly amazing to witness and be a part of this empowering journey.

The She-EO Supernova Bootcamp will feature an immersive and comprehensive curriculum, covering topics such as entrepreneurial mindset development, industry insights, practical skill-building exercises, and networking opportunities. Expert mentors will guide participants through hands-on projects and provide valuable guidance to foster their growth and success.

By creating this exclusive program, FutureFounder aims to empower women to overcome challenges and seize opportunities in their professional journeys. The She-EO Supernova Bootcamp represents FutureFounder's commitment to fostering gender equality, diversity, and inclusivity in the innovation and entrepreneurship landscape.

To learn more about the She-EO Supernova Bootcamp and secure your spot, visit


About FutureFounder: FutureFounder is a global social impact venture dedicated to empowering individuals to thrive in the future economy. Through transformative educational programs, FutureFounder equips aspiring innovators and entrepreneurs with the necessary skills, mindset, and connections to succeed.

Contact Information: Media Relations @ FutureFounder

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