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What Do Innovators Think about the FutureFounder Fellowship Program?

Updated: 5 days ago

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The following is a compilation of June 2021 FutureFounders testimonials on their experience as part of the FutureFounder StartupReadiness training.

-FutureFounder Team

June 2021 Innovator Testimonials "What do Innovators Think"


Nayane (Maringá, PR):

The StartupReadiness training is based on creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and leadership, helping introduce youth innovators to the startup’s environment. This was four intense weeks of training, practice, and learning. I got to meet seven amazing people who were part of this challenge with me, and I’m very grateful for that too. I’m sure I'll keep in touch with them.


Gustavo (Jaú, SP):

FutureFounder - Brazil allowed me to learn things I hadn’t seen in any previous experiences. In addition, I am now able to create new services and products for my future projects.


Thalysson (Parnaíba, PI):

The FutureFounder program provided me with a lot of knowledge and great experiences. It's a fantastic program for people who are interested in entrepreneurship and innovation. I met incredible people among my fellows, and I will probably remember this for the rest of my life.


Gabriel (Guarulhos, SP):

I would never have found something like that if it weren't for FutureFounder: The program has opened up many opportunities for me to work in different areas.


Arthur (São Matheus, ES):

Being a FutureFounder fellow was a fantastic way to discover hidden skills I had and develop my potential to be an innovator. It’s fulfilling. It was genuinely challenging, but it was all worth it when comparing yourself with the "you" from a month ago. After all the intense training, I’m safe to say I’m prepared to work in a startup environment.


Diana (São José dos Campos, SP):

The FutureFounder program was an excellent opportunity to learn and develop. Those four weeks were intense, but they gave me the chance to build a solid network, learn from amazing founders, and connect with great startups. I'm grateful to have been a part of this training!


FutureFounder is a social impact venture missioned to ensure that anyone, anywhere can become an innovator.

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